Dec 9 2010

ISB 21 Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, Dec 9, 2010
Starting/ Ending Time:7:30 – 8:30
Place: EdTech office
Facilitator: Rob
Timekeeper: Jeff
Recorder: Chrissy
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D


Guiding Questions
Background/ Process

Touching base. How is everyone doing?
Round Robin
Touching Base
All/10 mins
Now & the Big Picture
Visiting Library Candidate--Matt Shafer

Discussion with Matt about ISB21, our goals, purpose, etc. Answer any of his questions.
  • Family of English teachers, from Indiapolosis
  • Media specialist in Florida (expanded tech skills there)
  • Found himself at JIST
  • Thailand more conducive to lifestyle & ISB is one of a few schools he would leave JIST for
  • Recreation: diving, fishing, being outside
  • Took us through 21st Century initiatives at JIST's Library (done on limited budget)
    • Fishbowl presentation room
    • Weeding
    • Flatscreen TVs
    • Laptop Bar (with stools) - developing
  • TLMS (tech intergrators & librarians) meet at JIST
    • have been working on integrating standards
    • admin have just adopted the standards
    • works closely with the HS tech integrator
  • How do you see the 1:1 roll out affecting the laptops in the library
    • struggles with the term "library" - likes Collaboration or Commons/Media Centre
    • sees himself as a facilitator of a Media Centre
    • Kids of today should have a choice about how they get their information
  • (Chad Q - Why should I as a teacher come to the Library as a collaboration space when my classroom is my collaboration space). Library should be able to run itself with the right staff - I shouldn't have to be there, I can come down to your classroom - teacher learns a skill - collaborate help teachers become experts too, move onto the next teacher
  • Online databases (Chad Q) uses Jstore(?) How can you maintain the balance between online databases & traditional sources (Rob's Q) - doesn't have all the answers, thinks no Media specialist has. Tries to show kids both - give them lots of access to lots of things.
  • (Ida Q) Do you see yourself collaborating with the Tech-integrator? My goal every year is to get into more classroom. It's about the library not having walls.
  • How would you lead or guide learning towards some sort of mobile device? (Rob Q). Huge kindle fan right now - I have no idea what is going to be the "next tool" Kindles are being checked out at JIST - how is that being managed? (Ida Q) - Kindles are not library-friendly - you can't buy stuff for the kindle in Indonesia (has an account that thinks it's in US - put on computer, then on Kindle). Manages over an amazon account. Hasn't bought more kindles - no point in committing to it because iPads are now just hitting Indonesia. Waiting for a few years to see who is going to come out as the "ebook" king
  • Circulation .........
  • Distributed Library - creating reading rooms around the school - what's your thoughts? (Rob Q)
    • all about experimenting
    • have to learn about the culture of the school
  • Thoughts on what you'd do to this library (Chad)
    • Fishbowl - Collaboration rooms/clear walls - huge fan of those, add Whiteboard - put in LCD
    • Would have to learn the culture of school - for decisions on things like the chess playing etc.....
    • movable furniture / flexible space
    • coffee-bar refresher (Rob Q) - all for it
  • Still buying DVDs - can't rely on streaming working all the time. Into technology that works all the time, everytime. (Still have VCRs in Indonesia). It's about drawing in people - afraid to throw out anything that a teacher might still want. But I'm not buying VCRS
  • ISB has shut down cable/shows - only 2 calls about it not being available. ISB used United Streaming but it shutdown 2 years ago. Streaming is available on teachers' computers - there's a lot on the cusp on the moment - Rob would like to work with successor on the way out
  • Ida Q - Can you work with me? A. Absolutely, I'm a pretty-laid back person
  • Rob is reminded of his career with Matt's career story
  • Leadership by example (got some weird looks when I got behind the counter to check out books when there was a line .....)
  • Runs a scuba club at JIST but there's no club here at ISB

Chad/15 mins.
How well did today's meeting go?

Tara/5 mins
Parking Lot:

How can we best address the tech needs of staff at each level? What are we doing? What are the needs?