Prior to the unit:
  • Planning: Essential Questions and Enduring Understanding: Examining the goals and expectations for the unit so that overarching essential questions can be framed.
  • Assessment Planning: Determining which tool is best for the job: Developing a summative assessment that addresses the essential questions and enduring understandings, examining the possibilities that technology can offer in a summative assessment.
  • Unit Building: Backward planning, looking at the big picture: Developing the overarching framework for the unit, structuring how students will construct their understanding during the course of study.
During - After the unit:
  • Practical Implementation Planning: lesson by lesson breakdown, booking resources and specialists: Ensuring that all materials will be in place for each lesson, as needed.
  • Formative Assessment and Differentiation: Ensuring that the needs of all students are met throughout the course of the unit.
  • Reflection: What did students learn? How do we know? What do we refine for next year? Taking time to evaluate the unit while it is still fresh.