ISB 21 Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, August 25, 2009
Starting/ Ending Time: 9:00 – 10:00
Place: EdTech
Facilitator: Tara
Recorder: Dennis
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D

Participants: Tara, Jeff, Kim, Chad, Rob, Dennis, Ida

Guiding Questions
Background/ Process

How was last week?
Share anything interesting that happened last week.
Round Robin
Touching Base
All/10 mins
Team Goal
What should our team goal for the year be?
How will we know we've achieved our goal?

Dennis/35 mins
What did we see regarding teacher anxiety and misconceptions about school tools?
How can we use this information to improve our tech training or support our team goal?

Round Robin
Jeff/10 mins
Meeting Planning
Determine topics for next few meetings

All/5 mins
How well did today's meeting go?

Tara/5 mins
Important Info: No ISB21 Team meeting next week because the Ministry of Ed will be here to discuss our implementation of technology with the EdTech Team


Parking Lot:

Book Club: Who will lead our first meeting? Should we be reading chapter 1 already?


1. Highlights from the past week.
  • Saturday Library workshop was wonderful. Kevin's recommendations were spot on. Thanks to Tara and Kim for getting it all organized and handling all the details.
  • Dennis was in Australia and had a wonderful conference on thinking and creating a culture of thinking at ISB.

Team Goal for the year
  • What are the experiences that students should be having in order to maintain consistency and strategy in knowing what kids can do and when they will learn how to do that?
  • Can team goal be to develop this loose curriculum for teachers in grade levels and subjects so that they know what is expected and possible?
  • Flesh this out and bring to admin about implementation.
  • General feeling is that teachers WANT this because there is too much and they need some guidance and specifics to know what to try.
  • Other subjects have a developmentally appropriate checklist of what needs to be learned...should we supply this?
  • One concern is that we this can be detrimental to overall value in terms of thinking and connecting to outside world.
  • We could propose which major circle (Collaborator, Learner, Communicator) best fits an area and then work with teams to develop the actual unit and technology to be included that satisfies this.
  • This can be documented in both their curriculum and ours as the common assessment
  • How will we know? When we have this documented at divisional levels
  • Timeline: work on this throughout the year. regular check ins at this meeting
  • As a team we agree on developmentally appropriate levels so that we have a consistent picture

3. Observation:
  • Technical support during lessons - when things aren't working during class, how can we alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • How can we share Troubleshooting techniques?
  • Notes out with updates on problems/fixes would be helpful for faculty - like telling them about the proxy server issue
  • In ES, there is still not clarity on Kim and Jeff's positions
  • Jeff will handle hardware and infrastructure stuff as well as pedagogical
  • Kim will handle only pedagogical in ES.
  • Too many ways to do research? Should we consolidate and get them to one place? Two theories on that: one is that there is a single point of entry. The other is that creating as many ways to get a place the better. Teachers needs to be better at using bookmarks.

4. Next meeting topic:
  • Develop full picture of age appropriate stuff.
  • Calendar updated with when and how we will meet.

5. Closure
  • Stayed on time
  • Good focus today on common goal
  • Good advanced planning