ISB 21 Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010
Starting/ Ending Time:7:30 – 8:30
Place: EdTech office
Facilitator: Rob
Timekeeper: Tara
Recorder: Chrissy
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D

Participants: Tara, Jeff, Kim, Chad, Rob, Dennis, Ida

Guiding Questions
Background/ Process

Touching base. How is everyone doing?
ES (Chrissy/Tara) -
Getting into lots of classes from G5 right down to Kinders, working with Students
MS (Miguel/Ida) -
Miguel: Getting a better handle on things - giving up lunch/plus afterschool
Ada: Great meeting with Tara
HS (Jeff/Rob) - Rob has been in with Jeff - he goes amazingly fast with the HS, but what's more amazing is the students are keeping up! Good Reads, Independent Reading Tracker (google docs) all up and running. Things are in place & up and running.
Greater selection of reads being checked out! The independent reading is taking off!
Jeff has created an app for ISB (students one is done, now working on Teachers' one)
Round Robin
Touching Base
All/10 mins
Now & the Big Picture
Revisiting the philosophy. Wordsmith and finish?
See our google doc (edits in red)
All/40 mins
What did we see regarding teacher anxiety and misconceptions about school tools? Let's plan for relevant after-school PD:

Tara and Chrissy starting with google docs.(personal tech & focus tech Mon/Wed
Miguel: Lunchtime & Afterschool every day for now
Jeff: Lunchtime
Rob & Ida: Some sort of run-off session around information literacy side of things
Round Robin
All/5 mins
How well did today's meeting go?
Start on time, be mindful of the time

Tara/5 mins
Things To Do:
Ideas for alternate ways for communicating with staff - rather than email?

What is our big picture of the year?