ISB 21 Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, August 19, 2010
Starting/ Ending Time:7:30 – 8:30
Place: EdTech office
Facilitator: Tara
Timekeeper: Chrissy
Recorder: Rob
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D

Participants: Tara, Jeff, Kim, Chad, Rob, Dennis, Ida

Guiding Questions
Background/ Process

How's everyone doing? Reconnect

Jeff--HS. Helping teachers get on Panthernet and Powerschool. HS students will be required to have a blog and will do genre tracking. Genre tracking is fabulous--kids putting on an Excel document to track.

Ida--has seen all 6,7,8 classes and 6th grade is getting set up with Shelfari.

Chrissy--hit the ground running. Almost every grade 5 class is blogging. Grade 4 is starting individual blogs and a few grade 3 classes as well.Chrissy doing a research project seeing if blogging increases writing achievement. Everyone has a class blog.

Miguel--working mainly on the 1:1 program. Getting the teachers ready for classes--panthernet, blogs (doing all sorts of tech support on blogs), Smartboards, Macs. Miguel is also teaching 2 classes, 4 periods a week.

Rob--off to a good start. New classes coming in, working on the genre tracking. Independent reading is a focus.

Tara--opened up the Hub to all kids in the morning. Still a bit tricky, but working on it. The iPad is amazingly successful. We need more!
Round Robin
Touching Base
All/10 mins
Now & the Big Picture
New tech items in all divisions--happy with what we have? Chrissy and Tara will talk about the tech playground in the ES

MS/HS--30 flips and 16 snowflakes
ES-10 flips and 5 snowflakes, 1 iPad

Things on our list that we didn't get to last year:

Consistency with citing images, etc in ES/MS/HS

citing teacher's words?
what about images?
Creative Commons

Did we finish the benchmark examples? Appears to be almost finished. Perhaps a polishing.

Do we have a big picture plan for the year? How are we all supporting teachers?
All/40 mins
What did we see regarding teacher anxiety and misconceptions about school tools? Let's plan for relevant after-school PD:
Round Robin
Jeff/10 mins
How well did today's meeting go?

Tara/5 mins
Things To Do:

Curriculum office wants us to revisit the philosophy.

What is our big picture of the year?