ISB 21 Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Starting/ Ending Time: 7:30 – 8:30
Place: EdTech
Facilitator/Timekeeper: Kim
Recorder: Tara
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D

Participants: Tara, Jeff, Kim, Chad, Rob, Dennis, Ida

Guiding Questions
Background/ Process

How was your summer and how did the start of school go?
Round Robin
Summer Wisdom
Beginning PD
What norms shall we have to ensure a high performing team?

*honor time/agenda with whomever is here
*prioritizing attendance

rotate facilitator (we will take care of this one)
*focus on our common goal
*come prepared
*assume positive intent

monitor your own talk times (we will take care of this one)
revisit norms at end of meeting (we will take care of this one)

Meeting Structures
How do we want to rotate our team meetings this year?

everyone ok with rotating the meetings as noted to the right

perhaps we find a focus for each week and go out and do some research
about it--i.e., how are kids searching online? how are teachers using
document cameras?

What days/times work best for the whole group?

Thursdays 9-10

Do we want to rotate facilitation/agenda/timekeeper responsibilities?

Yes. next meeting: agenda=Kim, Facilitate=Tara, timekeeper=Jeff,

Rotate meetings through:
Team Goal
Book Club
Nuts & Bolts
Small Group Meeting Time

New Student Start Page
Discuss what we want the page to look like.

Suggestion to change the calendar to the day, not the week. Add the MS
rotating schedule.

Hooking their gmail account to PowerSchool.

Advertise upcoming events? dances?

Flickr feed of photos popping up

Change out google video to everything that is going on at ISB today

Search buttons on top

How well did today's and last week's meeting go?

fabulous first meeting!

WEEKLY GOAL: Observe teacher anxiety and misconceptions about school tools. Come back and share with the group next week.

Parking Lot:

What is our team goal for the year?
How will we know we've achieved our goal?