Thursday Aug 14, 2008

1. PD Sessions – what, where, who (starting Thurs we should have something every Mon, Wed, Thurs afterschool). We might want to revise the current agenda and determine who is going to come/lead which session when. We also would probably benefit from a fixed location for these sessions. Can we do the ML classroom? We also need to offer a session for just new teachers to introduce them to our team/services since they’ll be in the ESL intro on Thurs.

  • Monday - ISB21 intro for new teachers
  • Monday/Wed/Thurs - 3 rotating sessions on Mac OS/Entourage, Vista/Outlook, Smart Notebook
  • ML Classroom booked for the rest of the year

2. Team planning – will we have a regular meeting? Do we want to have agendas? Make a point person? Let’s get organized! (Personally, I’m curious, who’s our department head? In the ES are we doing “distributed leadership”? How does our team fit into the hierarchy of ISB? How do we want it to function?)

  • Regular team meetings - yes
  • Agendas - yes, Google Docs, with an FYI list on the bottom

3. Developing priorities – what do we need to do first to help build admin buy-in? How can we move forward? Let’s set some goals and deadlines. Discussion about L.T. expectations for us to share framework and plan so that they can evaluate that alongside the potential courses that we can offer with SUNY this year. Ann spoke to Dennis about this.

  • Talk to Ann about linking an opt-in Tech Links program with SUNY courses (Jeff)
  • Write out an actual plan for how the opt-in tech training will work (Kim and Jeff will start documenting on wiki - everyone can edit/collaborate)
  • Share vision and philosophy with LT (need to start approaching LT to see when we can get in)
***Nuts 'n Bolts Item (Rob) The conference room in Main Library is referred to by different groups (with historical connections) as - Area 6Web (Outlook Calendar) - SC Room (Student Council Room - HS Admin and SC members) - ML Conference Room (oldtimers) - ML Meeting Room (Parents) - ML Classroom (Kim's new designation) - Web2.0 Room (Rob & Ida's designation last year, but if Web2.0 is an ambigous term, I'm open to change. Besides, it's seldom used in an interactive mode - rjr) We need a standardized designation. How about a straight-up vote (each ISB21 Member write your name beside preferred choice, or add a new one)