ISB 21 Team Meeting Agenda
Date: Thursday, August 25, 2011
Starting/ Ending Time:7:30 – 8:30
Place: EdTech
Facilitator: Tara
Timekeeper: Ida
Recorder: Chrissy
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D
Guiding Questions
Background/ Process

Welcome back! How are we all settling in?
Weird that Rob's not here - we haven't heard from him - probably has no internet access!!
Ida: It's lovely having Mischelle here - bookie, techie & friendly
Mischelle: Better now there's wireless at home; Have to ask a lot of questions to ask, understanding how things are done - in investigation mode right now, organising ourselves for the re-design
Jeff: In our new office, more centralised, far away from the HS though, a bit disconnected
Miguel: Same, same - the teachers were more prepared, the roll-out is busy but it's good. The calendar sharing has made a difference. Being in the office with Jeff is great - not so isolated, more visible
Tara: Off and running, Excited about our 6 Kindles each - getting our web presence - took all the library staff for dinner at River Tree House - working on us all being the Library division, not three separate divisions. We are re-united!
Chrissy: New room: Lots of tech issues with the renovations: 19 new teachers with varying skills: It's crazy
Round Robin
Touching Base
All/15 mins
S & B's
Where are we with this?
We need to continue the embedding of the TaIL Standards & Benchmarks in actual unit of studies

All/5 mins
Teacher Needs

How are we meeting teacher needs at each level?
Personal tech--are we willing to revisit this as a whole-school option?
Personal Tech will continue in ES (Mon/Wed 2:15 - 3:00pm)
The time still doesn't suit for MS & HS with teachers involved in flext-time/clubs/ then sports
Tara/15 mins
Looking Ahead

What do we see as the role of ISB21 this year?
Are we ready to meet less and collaborate more?
We've been an incredibly progressive team over the last 4 years.
Our main focus has been TaIL - do we still have a purpose?
Mischelle's proposal: - can we do anything with this?
Can we tie our websites together somehow?

Possible meeting with BUAT?
It doesn't make sense how we have all this stuff and it's all over the place yet - nothing links from the "page" (the reasoning is is the marketing site - NOT for existing parents/teachers etc

So, Is our purpose the "communication connection" piece
- Have this conversation with Chad on Tuesday? - Our purpose for ISB21 - what do need to have in place before we approach BUAT
- HS students were unable to state where they go to get information (ie: If the Library announces an author visit, new books etc - where would you get that?) HS Students were unable to say anything other than PantherNET.
- Focus on what we are doing is up-to-date, things are connected, communication is streamed for what we have control over - where do we go??
  • isbcentral
  • isb21 wikispace
  • isbelementary
  • inthemix
  • (Community Activities)

Developing guidelines for uploading images/videos in our school accounts

For next meeting:
Big white blank paper - start marking out our sites, where they go, linking etc
Mischelle will look for 5 examples of other school's websites
Round Robin
15 mins
How well did today's meeting go?
  • Reminder to not talk over the top of each other
  • Narrow/prioritise all the things we want to do

Jeff/5 mins
Parking Lot

  • Clean up the isb21 wikispace