ISB 21 Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, April 9, 2009
Starting/ Ending Time: 8:30 – 10:00
Place: Ed Tech
Facilitator/Timekeeper: Kim
Recorder: Dennis
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D

Participants: Tara, Jeff, Kim, Chad, Rob, Dennis, Ida


Guiding Question

Background/ Process

Upcoming Deadlines/Tasks
What do we need to be aware of?
Early Adopters:
  • Meeting on 6 May (invites sent?)
  • Add all to My.ISB group
Evening Parent Meetings
  • (when?)
New Faculty Intro Wiki:
  • Meeting with Andy (when?)
Developmental Continuum:
  • Next CoETaIL Course - should this be planned?

Camera/Video Cam Purchase
5 min
Sharing Successes
What is a recent success that you've had in collaboration with another a faculty member?
Rotation to share recent successes with colleagues.
5 min
ISB Vision
How can we best describe the transferable gift of being a 21st century learner?
Create our "bullet" for the Updated ISB Vision
30 min
Team Goal
How can we best support teachers?
Strategies for building an infrastructure of support.
  • Do we need to revisit the LOTI survey?

7 Habits, p. 151
7 Habits, p. 151

20 min
Meeting Norms
Should we develop meeting norms?
ETC Effective Teaming
10 min
News and Reviews
How can our two "departments" communicate more effectively?
Tech and Library Teams share what's happening
10 min
Nuts & Bolts

Keeping up with daily business
Tech and Library Teams share business
5 min


Early Adopters: invitations sent out. Meeting is on May 6.

Parent Evening Workshops--one downtown and one at school. Tenatively happening at the end of April, but we need to check with Bill about the downtown . These meetings will be for middle and high school parents b/c we are offering a number of offerings for them already.

Developmental Continuum for what tools are appropriate for students: Jeff and Kim will work on this as it pertains to the COETAIL course.

Cameras by Jeff: We are buying small video cameras from the US. Jeff showed us the Kodak version of the Flip that run about 150 dollars each. Elementary wants 12. MS will pass on this. Regular cameras are the L16, and these will be used as the replacements as well as the new cameras. Elementary will be ordering stills for this year. MS/HS has only 12 cameras that are circulating currently; however, there are some teachers who have made a case for having cameras long-term.

Discussion about deciding on what models are the recommendations of the school. We will give teachers options instead of everyone buying what they want and not having consistency.

Successes: MS tech meeting last week, Rob has a Mandarin class coming to the library.

Vision edits: looking at the global communicators and collaborators.

Ideas of the new sentence

Routinely engage in global communication and collaboration in creating .

TRANSPORTABLE GIFT line we are adding:

*create, communicate and collaborate on a global scale

VISION line we are adding:

*will become creative thinkers who routinely engage in global communication and collaboration


* become creative thinkers who communicate and collaborate globally.

Team Goal: Will look at creating a survey for teachers before the end of this year. Chad will speak with Ann about securing one PD day for next school year as the focus for our survey. Next meeting: discuss survey ideas.

Meeting Norms: Yes. We should create these next meeting, as well as determine what our team goal is (ensure that we are all on the same page).