ISB 21 Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009
Starting/ Ending Time: 8:30 – 10:00
Place: Ed Tech
Facilitator/Timekeeper: Kim
Recorder: Dennis
Understanding = U Informing = I
Recommending = R Deciding = D

Participants: Tara, Jeff, Kim, Chad, Rob, Dennis, Ida


Guiding Question

Background/ Process

Sharing Successes
What is a recent success that you've had in collaboration with another a faculty member?
Rotation to share recent successes with colleagues.
5 min
Team Goal
How can we support teachers?
Brainstorm, share ideas, develop plans, continue discussion
30 min
New Faculty Intro
  • What do we need to communicate to new staff regarding IT and Library?
  • When & how will we communicate this?
Review wiki, add improvements and edits
15 min
School Vision
  • How do we move forward as a team given our new understanding of how we fit within the school vision & priority list?
De-brief from last week's meeting
  • Updates to ISB Central & PantherNet:
  • ISB Central - if we want a mouse over to show text describing the resource we need short descriptions, max length = 140 characters by my calculation.
  • Tools for top bar in PantherNET – What tools exactly should we display? Do we also want short descriptions to pop up?
20 min
PD Planning
  • What are the next steps in coordinating the early adopter group?
  • Continue to plan PD sessions
  • Communication
  • CoETaIL & Master's Courses
  • My.ISB group - how to get started
  • Next meeting, goals for group
  • Follow up regarding communication to staff about changing PD model
5 min
News and Reviews
How can our two "departments" communicate more effectively?
Tech and Library Teams share what's happening
10 min
Nuts & Bolts

Keeping up with daily business
Tech and Library Teams share business
5 min


1. In order to discuss New Faculty intro information, we will have a separate meeting including Andy Vaughn with our team.

2. Successing sharing
  • Tara, Kim, Jeff: ES faculty meeting - Speed Geeking with people sharing what they are doing in their classes
    • Wikis, podcasts, smartboards, EARCOS, blogs, portfolios
    • Teachers highlighted who often don't step up for recognition
    • Fabulous collaborative effort
    • 4 minute speed sessions
    • Grade teams split up
    • People wanted more...they will seek out more
    • Community building
    • Felt very safe
  • Chad: Parent Night idea to provide info about tools
    • One hour session on what's out there
  • Ida: 5th graders came to MS Library...
    • Nice transition and enjoyable for students
  • Jeff: Voice thread, microscope photos
    • Life cycle description with parents and kids
    • Teacher parent (steve) now excited
  • Rob: IB EE two months ahead
    • kids are ahead of the curve with past timeline
  • Dennis: GIN conference success and Just in time learning

3. Team Goal - How can we keep moving forward?
  • Maintaining momentum from meetings, ETC and recognizing when the potential is there to feed off of excitement
  • For the next Master's course will be to look at developmental continuums - crowdsource this
  • Tool checklist for Teachers - this would come after the continuum

4. School Vision - Stephen shared new proposal
  • Transportable Gifts need a bullet from us
  • By next meeting, we will have this completed (April 9)

5. Ann on Inform
  • All PowerSchool Data shared with Inform
  • Allows for rich data analysis and searching
  • Can view large scale trends as well and drill down to which students are in certain categories
  • User access can be set by the students that they are involved with
  • Initial training built around admin, counselors, ESL, IS, and interested faculty
  • Let the word get out

6. Ann on Certificate and Master's Courses
  • Look at dates for courses starting in next school year
  • Start in September
  • Set dates and instructors

7. Technology After school sessions
  • No more Thursday K-12 sessions
  • Not being attended

8. Early Adopters group
  • Elgg site created and awaiting membership
  • They will join this group
  • When will we meet this group face to face?
    • In May, let's meet with this group
    • May 6th