21st Century Literacy Specialist

21st Century Literacy Specialist Job Description


The 21st Century Literacy Specialist position combines the process and best practice approaches of successful technology facilitation with the wealth of resources available in the library. ISB is actively seeking to build a Learning Hub that successfully blends the traditional role of a library with the requirements of the 21st century global student. The role of the 21st Century Literacy Specialist is to bridge that gap. The focus of this position is to help core subject teachers utilize web 2.0 technologies in the classroom, to create a global and collaborative approach to learning. The design of authentic and engaging international projects which incorporate social networking, blogs, wikis, and podcasts, and whatever comes next, is paramount to the success of this position. The 21st Century Literacy Specialist works in collaboration with the Media Specialist and Technology and Learning Coordinator to ensure a seamless transition between traditional and digital literacy skills.
Job Description
The 21st Century Literacy Specialist is responsible for the successful integration of 21st century literacy skills across the curriculum by:

Teaching and Instruction
  • co-planning, co-teaching, co-assessing units of inquiry which authentically embed 21st century literacy skills
  • assist in differentiation for highly able or struggling students through the use of technology, including independently teaching smaller groups of students when needed
  • ensuring 21st century literacy enduring understandings and guiding questions are authentically embedded into curriculum at each grade level
  • closely collaborating with the Media Specialist to ensure seamless transition and use of both traditional and digital literacy tools

Leadership and Curriculum Development
  • continue to develop, define, promote and share vision and framework for 21st century learning at ISB
  • promote ethical use of technology, and develop authentic projects that actively work towards developing digital citizenship among staff and students
  • collaboratively work with administration, curriculum and technology coordinators, Media Specialist, and grade level teams to further develop ISB embedded 21st century literacy program

Professional Development
  • provide regular professional development opportunities to help build teacher’s understanding around 21st century literacy
  • coordinate and run mentor program to help classroom teachers understand the paradigm shift of 21st century teaching
  • work with staff to develop and promote use of 21st century tools for efficiency and productivity in their jobs

Communication and Collaboration
  • promoting and sharing successful 21st century literacy projects with wider school community
  • document teaching and learning experiences in a central place for all faculty and parents to access
  • developing a truly 21st century approach to learning and teaching by working in partnership with:
    • the Technology and Learning Coordinator to coordinate hardware, software, and school-wide infrastructure so that focus can be on pedagogical support
    • the Media Specialist to coordinate and support traditional literacy