The 21st Century Learner at ISB

ISB's vision for 21st century literacy supports and compliments ISB's transportable gifts for our students by clearly defining each aspect of our learner profile:

As Effective Learners, ISB Students will:
  • Assimilate the values and methods of reflecting throughout the information gathering process.
  • Become experts in understanding and guiding their own learning.
  • Understand that posing questions leads them to higher levels of understanding.
  • Acquire habits that lead them towards deeper understanding.
  • Understand that efficient use of technology to gather, process, evaluate, and present information is an essential skill for all.
  • Understand that learners are flexible, adaptable, and effective in using tools that generate and respond to change,
  • Internalize the why and how to effectively search for, evaluate, select, analyze, interpret, and synthesize appropriate information to problem solve.
  • Understand that bias influences the creation and interpretation of information.
  • Understand that assessing their own levels of effort, challenge, and personal initiative allows them to take responsibility for their learning.
  • Understand that people use prior knowledge to learn how to build new understandings and deal with any new technologies.

As Effective Communicators, ISB Students will:
  • Learn to:
    • be precise with their language,
    • probe for clarification,
    • fully understand concepts and one another,
    • connect their understanding to the real world.
    • develop directions for future investigations
  • Understand that:
    • technology brings about rapid change, including moral and ethical considerations,
    • purpose and audience for communication determine the appropriate media choice.
    • design and medium choices impact the quality and effectiveness of communications.
  • Reflect on, organize, analyze, interpret, and synthesize information in order to effectively communicate and create ideas.

As Effective Global Collaborators, ISB Students will:
  • Acquire an international education that inspires understanding and enthusiasm for world citizenship and service to others.
  • Engage with students of different cultures inside and outside school.
  • Use their prior knowledge to help make connections between disciplines and the real world.
  • Understand that communication networks and tools are powerful mediums to spread positive change or to negatively impact others.